meh als gmües

Die Gemüsegenossenschaft in Zürich Nord

Understanding Biodiversity – The Biodiversity Collage Workshop

Saturday 20. Mai, 2pm
meh als gmües, Reckenholzstrasse 150, Zürich
CHF 12 – 20 per person (you decide)

Suitable for anyone


12am Lunch at meh als gmües (optional)
1pm Garden tour (optional)
2pm Workshop
5pm End

Biodiversity is important, but for me it is sometimes hard to grasp and explain it to others. If you feel similar, I’m happy to invite you to this collaborative, playful and science-based Workshop. You’ll discover biodiversity, as well as the causes and consequences of its erosion.

While meh als gmües aims to also be able to also offer such workshops in the future, in the meantime let’s learn from those who already do. We are hosting The Biodiversity Collage, which will be facilitated by María del Pilar, who is bringing the workshop from the Romandy to Zurich.

About the Workshop

The Biodiversity Collage is a workshop that was originally developed in France, where the creators decided to make it publicly available. Former participants can become trained facilitators who carry the workshop to a broader audience. This way the concept has been making it’s way to Switzerland and is now crossing the language border. While being translated to German, we are happy to already host the first workshop in English. A workshop in French will follow, if there is enough demand, see blow.

L’atelier existe-t-il aussi en français ?

Oui, si toi et 6 autres personnes êtes intéressés, nous rendrons possible un atelier en français.

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Wann kommt der Workshop auf Deutsch?

Bald. Der Workshop wird derzeit auf deutsch übersetzt. Melde dich jetzt schon, wenn du Interesse hast, dann lassen wir dich wissen, wenn es soweit ist.

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¿El taller está disponible en español?

El taller también está disponible en español. Si hay 7 personas interesadas, intentaremos organizar un taller.

Más información sobre el taller en