meh als gmües

Die Gemüsegenossenschaft in Zürich Nord


Your CSA

in Zurich North

Meh als Gmües is not just our name, but our philosophy as well. We produce vegetables all year round cooperatively. With our farm development plan 2025, we have also laid the foundation for more capacities in the implementation of biodiversity, local supply and community. Our cooperative sees itself also as an element of the future urban development.

If you want to be part of this development and enjoy fresh and organically produced vegetables every week, become a member now. To do this, you purchase share certificates and can then sign up for a share of the harvest. At the latest in April we will be able provide new slots.

The „AS“

Share Certificates

The share certificates are used to pay for the means of production. They form the equity base of the cooperative, which gives external investors the security to invest in the development of the local structures as well. Currently, for the stable development of the farm, an average of five AS should be acquired per EAT at the rate of 250 CHF.

As with the harvest share, we also want to keep the hurdle low for economically disadvantaged members in the case of share certificates. It is possible to acquire an EAT by acquiring a single AS in the amount of CHF 250.

In case of cancellation you will receive the deposited money back at the end of the season – it is only invested and not spent.

The „EAT“

Harvest Share

Our harvest is divided by the number of members and delivered to two depots (Reckenholzstrasse 150 + Mehr als Wohnen) every Friday for collection by Saturday. In diverse work activities, the members help on 20 hours a year per EAT with the sowing, in the greenhouses, with the harvest and other activities.

With an average income, an annual operating contribution of 900 CHF is recommended.

To enable members with lower financial means to participate, there is an EAT for as little as 800 CHF per year and those who can and want to support the cooperative idea more strongly pay 1000 CHF.